By Bear State Bank

Team Member Spotlight:
Michelle Larimore

Our Team Members. The Bear State Difference.


Name: Michelle Larimore, AVP Assistant Director of Lending Services

Location: Harrison Northtown

Number of Years in Banking: 6 with Bear State, 20 total

Family Members: My husband John and a child

Passions/Hobbies: I enjoy reading mystery novels and crafts, specifically decorating wine bottles and mason jars and painting canvases. I usually give them away as gifts.

Bear State Core Value that Resonates the Loudest? Adaptability and Collaboration. With loan processing, no two loans are the same and change is constant, requiring us to adapt to that change.  We have to work closely with the loan officers and lending specialists, so being able to work together is fundamental to accomplishing the job. 

Bear State’s core values. Every day they come alive through our personal connections with you.

Equal Housing Lender and Member FDIC