By Bear State Bank

Team Member Spotlight:
Jennifer Maechler

Our Team Members. The Bear State Difference.


Name: Jennifer Maechler, Senior Vice President, Director of Central Operations

Location: Mena

Number of Years in Banking: 18, all with Bear State

Family Members: Husband of 25 years, three children and two grandchildren

Community Involvement: I’m on the Polk County Development Center Special Board, which helps to promote and support individuals with disabilities. We work to improve and maintain enjoyment and quality of life through different programs and projects. Currently there are about 30 clients. Programs and services run from Communication Training to Vocational Training. 

Passions/Hobbies: Spending time with my grandchildren, including one who lives in Alaska. We don’t have a TV so I enjoy doing anything outdoors, especially hiking in the Ouachita Mountains, and my favorite spots are Albert Pike and Little Missouri Falls. I enjoy reading, knitting hats and scarves for family and friends, and painting. My husband and I are also amateur beekeepers.

How Do You Create An Exceptional Banking Experience? Customer and staff safety is one of our highest priorities and helping to create a safe environment is one of my responsibilities. I am also over all the Bear State facilities, so it’s my duty to ensure our branches are looking their best, from appearance to maintenance. I do a lot of behind-the-scenes work as the person responsible for quality control on the deposit side. In this case my “customers” are my fellow Bears. In this role I keep our team members up-to-date on how to use our quality control exception platform. I provide reports and training so our Bears not only know how great they are doing but also where improvement can be made. It makes for a better working experience when our team members are knowledgeable on how to navigate the different tools we use behind the scenes.

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