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Five to Follow with Louie Graves

“What are your five favorite media sites?” Five to Follow asks veteran newspaperman Louie Graves of Nashville.


At age 9, Louie Graves was delivering the twice-weekly Nashville News from his bike, out-peddling the occasional stray dog as he wended along the tree-lined streets of this picturesque town in southwest Arkansas. His family owned the newspaper, and Louie was the oldest of 10 siblings who grew up working at the News after school and summers.

Newspapering has always been his livelihood, the only real breaks being while he attended the University of Arkansas and when he served as a Navy helicopter air crewman in the Vietnam War.

At age 73, he is still in the business, serving as the publisher of the Nashville News-Leader. “That’s just a title,” Louie said. “I do a little bit of everything, and freely admit my role is diminishing. Luckily I have great colleagues to pick up the slack.”

Louie has been a longtime champion of economic development for Howard County and Nashville, serving as past president of Nashville Chamber of Commerce and 20+ years on the Nashville Industrial Development Committee. He is also a past president of the Arkansas Press Association.

Describe Yourself: Ex-golfer, Weight Watchers dropout, father, grandfather, widower and member of St. Martin Catholic Church in Nashville.

Give Me Five of Your Favorite Media Sites:
Razorback news briefs. I especially keep up with Hog football, and don’t hesitate to vent about the shortcomings of the team and coaching. I have actually been in the stands twice when we beat Texas, and I want this to be on my tombstone. I enjoy reading vents from other fans.
Reliable reporting on world events. I can’t explain exactly why I trust the BBC, maybe it’s their impeccable accents. And I really look for — no joke — items about North Korea.
Reliable reporting via the Associated Press. This is probably the old newsman in me, although I have never worked at a newspaper that subscribed to their service — it’s just the tradition of the AP.
For topics ranging from archeology to astronomy. Ironically, science was my least favorite subject growing up. Now I can’t get enough of it. This site tends to present its stories in a way even I can understand. I drift over to the space news very frequently. My own newspaper column often gets its start from something I read at this site.
Arkansas Times’ publication’s site to see adversarial view of Arkansas events, politics and the legislature. I am trapped in the middle of conservative-liberal. I’ve known Times editor Max Brantley for a long time. He’s very liberal, but I know he is accurate and fair when he presents news. Since the state’s biggest daily newspaper is very conservative, I think it’s important to have a vigorous ‘other’ view, too.

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