By Bear State Bank


Mama Bears. Part 4

Like most parents, I have a few control issues. When it comes to money mistakes, sometimes the best thing parents can do is let our kids mess up – especially when they’re young and the consequences aren’t critical. “Your children are going to learn some hard lessons when it comes to money. They are going to make some bad decisions, maybe some really bad decisions. But that’s okay.”

Saving for Retirement: Smooth Sailing or Choppy Waters?

No matter where you are in your life or how much you have in your retirement account, your employer-sponsored retirement plan may have features that will help you build your nest egg.

Start Budgeting. Stop Worrying.

Setting up a budget will require some work, but the benefits more than offset the time invested. How you create your budget is up to you.

Should I Buy That?

Saving for a Sunny Day. Part 1

Got a relatively big-ticket item you’d like to save for? Saving for a Sunny Day offers advice on everyday purchases you can skip in order to save money.