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Local Stories

Five to Follow with Mike Pettey

Five to Follow asks The Ohio Club owner Mike Pettey to share his five favorite media sites. Read all about Mike’s unique success story, and how his club’s history became it’s biggest asset. “The history has been a big draw. It’s been fun to develop The Ohio Club into a destination. People come to Hot Springs from Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Missouri and Tennessee, and part of the reason they come is The Ohio Club.”

Neighbor’s Mill Bakery & Café Crafts a Recipe for Success

If you asked Karin and Mike Nabors, founders of Neighbor’s Mill Bakery & Cafe, what makes their bread so good, they’ll tell you it starts with the best ingredients as well as a commitment to the time and expertise required to produce something remarkable.

Mountain Biking and Photography Drive Novo Studio Head

“Thanks for calling Novo Studio. This is Philip Thomas. I’m currently on the phone, on a photo shoot, on a bicycle or currently unavailable.” -voicemail, Novo Studio

Every Dog Has His Day in Front of Abby’s Camera

When Abby Malone was a young child, her family traveled from Arkansas to Ocean City, New Jersey, to visit her grandfather. Accompanying her were her pet raccoon and a sugar glider, a small pocket-sized marsupial native to Australia. She was an animal lover through and through. So it was no small leap for the child to grow up and become a pet photographer.

Derrick Hamilton Creates Fun, Finds Success

Throughout his adult life, there are two things of which Derrick Hamilton has always been certain and these have served as beacons when life was murky and the path to success clouded.

A Business that Bubbles

When a great idea for a product or a business bubbles to the mind’s surface, most people say “Someone should do that.” But some people, like Heather Francis, say “I should do that.” Ironically, the business idea that bubbled up in her mind is all about bubbles.

Food Trucks Cater to Hungry Bears on the Run

Food trucks don’t necessarily just come and go. Some stay around for quite awhile. Some of their owners seek to find a way to open brick-and-mortar restaurants while others have no such inclination. Many are seeking niche markets by offering what nobody else nearby is selling.

Family Business Discovers the Spice of Life

When a true outdoorsman decides where to build his life and career, he picks a spot where the hunting and fishing are good. That’s why Spike Cavender and his wife Katherine decided to settle in the picturesque Ozark mountains near Harrison.

It Takes One Smart Apple to Manage Today’s Orchards

Benton and Washington counties once boasted close to 80,000 acres of apple orchards, making them the top two apple-producing counties in the country. It’s been downhill since 1920s, and today there are only 236 acres of apples left in Arkansas.

Craft Beer Tasting

Microbreweries Having a Macro Impact

These are heady times for lovers of crafts beers. America’s smallest brewers recently reported a 13% increase in volume in 2015, the eighth consecutive year for double-digit growth.