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Five to Follow with
Reese Roberts

This month on Five to Follow, Bordinos General Manager Reese Roberts shares her five favorite media sites. If there is such a thing as a “service gene” then it must run in Reese Robert’s family. Her mother is general manager of a restaurant in Little Rock, her father once served as operations director of an outdoor mall, and her grandmother owns a bed & breakfast.

The Bear Cares: Animal Rehab

Bear State Bank is roaring about those who do good by highlighting nonprofits and causes that are near and dear to The Bear. Today we applaud Andrea White, owner/operator of Tender Heart Wildlife Rehabilitation. Andre is a volunteer wildlife rehabilitator, a person of compassion and action who provides care and treatment for orphaned wildlife with the purpose of returning them to the wild.

All Irish Eyes are Smiling on Hot Springs

This weekend, Hot Springs will welcome over 30,000 people from the Bear State and beyond for the First Ever 15th Annual World’s Shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Smithsonian Magazine declared this celebration “The Quirkiest St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Earth,” and Irish Central, an Irish media hub, named Hot Springs No. 8 among the Top 10 Spots in the World to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

So You Want to
Open a Brewpub

Crisis is the norm when you and your spouse change careers while moving from Fayetteville to Chicago to Denver and back to Fayetteville…all in a four-year period. This month on So You Want to Start, we sat down with Sean and Liz to ask the heady question: what does it take to open a brewpub?

So You Want to
Flip Houses

Storybook Homes owner Niki Thompson believes every home has a story. She finds an old home, creates a narrative and uses that storyline as the blueprint for renovation. Ever wonder what it takes to open a business? So You Want to Start profiles businesses and poses that very question.

And They’re Off!

Residents of the Bear State looking for a diversion during the cold winter months and into the spring have the option of enjoying world-class thoroughbred racing at Oaklawn Park in Hot Springs. The season opens January 12 and runs through April 14. During this time, people from all over the south and beyond will come to Oaklawn to witness racing at its highest level.

Five to Follow with Mike Preston

Five to Follow asks Arkansas Economic Development Commission Executive Director Mike Preston to share his five favorite media sites. A Florida native who held a similar position in that state, he was tapped for this job by Gov. Asa Hutchinson in March 2015.

So You Want to Start a Small-Town Pharmacy

Before there was Walmart the closest thing small towns had to a one-stop shop was the local pharmacy. Small town pharmacies like Sam Alexander’s on the Harrison Square were the go-to places for most everything other than clothes and groceries. Ever wonder what it takes to open a business? So You Want to Start profiles businesses and poses that very question.

So You Want to Start a Dog-Grooming Business

With its self-service wash tubs, professional pedicures and custom grooming, Bark ‘N Paws is a one-stop shop for prettying up your pet. This month, So You Want to Start gets to the bottom of what it takes to start a dog-grooming business. Ever wonder what it takes to open a business? So You Want to Start profiles businesses and poses that very question.

Bath Water for Beer

In 2013 Rose Schweikhart opened Superior Bathhouse Brewery in Hot Springs after the iconic structure sat tenantless for over 30 years. The Superior is the only brewery located in a national park, and it is the first to utilize thermal waters in beer. In her four years as owner and brew master, Schweikhart expanded her brand and exceeded the 10-year projections in her business plan approved by the National Parks Service.

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