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Team Member Spotlight:
Jessica Reese

Our team members. The Bear State difference. The Bear State values come alive through our team members’ everyday actions. Today we’ll feature Jessica Reese, Bear State’s Senior Vice President, Marketing Director. 

Team Member Spotlight:
Jennifer Maechler

Our team members. The Bear State difference. The Bear State values come alive through our team members’ everyday actions. Today we’ll feature Jennifer Maechler, Bear State’s Senior Vice President, Director of Central Operations.

Five to Follow with Mike Preston

Five to Follow asks Arkansas Economic Development Commission Executive Director Mike Preston to share his five favorite media sites. A Florida native who held a similar position in that state, he was tapped for this job by Gov. Asa Hutchinson in March 2015.

Till Debt Do Us Part. Part 6

Even after almost 20 years of marriage, I still feel weird about it sometimes – the difference between my income as a writer and my husband’s income as a salesperson for a technology company. They’re a bit different, and by “bit” I mean a lot. In this month’s Till Debt Do Us Part, read about the most common issues income inequality can create in a relationship.

So You Want to Start a Small-Town Pharmacy

Before there was Walmart the closest thing small towns had to a one-stop shop was the local pharmacy. Small town pharmacies like Sam Alexander’s on the Harrison Square were the go-to places for most everything other than clothes and groceries. Ever wonder what it takes to open a business? So You Want to Start profiles businesses and poses that very question.

Holidays Have You Feeling Blue?

Holidays have you feeling blue? We understand. The holidays aren’t always good times and cheer, at least not for all of us. Sometimes you just really want to get them over with and return to your everyday routine. If you need a useful distraction, we’ve got you covered! The Bear has some friendly advice for making it through, or possibly even enjoying, this holiday season.

Mama Bears. Part 6

To donate or not to donate? That is the question. There are times when I’d like the answer to be “no,” simply because I’m saving for an end-of-year donation to a specific charity my husband and I have already discussed. But when my kids are with me—watching me answer the question—the answer is always “Yes, I’ll donate.” Read all about why giving kids the habit of giving is so important in Mama Bears Part 6.

Bath Water for Beer

In 2013 Rose Schweikhart opened Superior Bathhouse Brewery in Hot Springs after the iconic structure sat tenantless for over 30 years. The Superior is the only brewery located in a national park, and it is the first to utilize thermal waters in beer. In her four years as owner and brew master, Schweikhart expanded her brand and exceeded the 10-year projections in her business plan approved by the National Parks Service.

Mama Bears. Part 5

One of the many reasons I want my kids to understand money, appreciate what it can and can’t do, and know how to manage it has more to do with character than counting dollars and cents. At some point, most of us have met someone who is seemingly obsessed with fancy things, trips, labels and financial status symbols, and we came away from that meeting hoping to never, ever let our kids become materialistic monsters.

Till Debt Do Us Part. Part 5.

Part of what attracted me to the man I married 18 years ago was how much we had in common. In so many ways, we were a LOT alike. When it comes to marriage, sometimes financial opposites attract. Find out how to make the most of your life with a constant spender, or compulsive saver.

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