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Illusionist Brings the Magic Back to Hot Springs Landmark

There’ll be a second act for the historic Malco Theatre on Hot Springs’ Central Avenue, thanks to master illusionist Maxwell Blade, who will reopen the renovated playhouse in November. Blade, who will stage his magic, comedy and music show at the venue, will join a long line of performers who have entertained on this span since the late 1800’s.

So You Want to Start a Dog-Grooming Business

With its self-service wash tubs, professional pedicures and custom grooming, Bark ‘N Paws is a one-stop shop for prettying up your pet. This month, So You Want to Start gets to the bottom of what it takes to start a dog-grooming business. Ever wonder what it takes to open a business? So You Want to Start profiles businesses and poses that very question.

The Equifax Security Breach – What You Should Know

As you may be aware, Equifax recently announced a large data breach of their systems that is expected to impact over 143 million consumers. While this is not a breach associated with Bear State Bank, we strive to protect our customers through information and education. Bear State Bank places the highest priority in the security of your accounts and information.

Mama Bears. Part 5

One of the many reasons I want my kids to understand money, appreciate what it can and can’t do, and know how to manage it has more to do with character than counting dollars and cents. At some point, most of us have met someone who is seemingly obsessed with fancy things, trips, labels and financial status symbols, and we came away from that meeting hoping to never, ever let our kids become materialistic monsters.

Till Debt Do Us Part. Part 5.

Part of what attracted me to the man I married 18 years ago was how much we had in common. In so many ways, we were a LOT alike. When it comes to marriage, sometimes financial opposites attract. Find out how to make the most of your life with a constant spender, or compulsive saver.

Till Debt Do Us Part. Part 4.

Right now, in homes across the country, there are dirty little secrets stashed in shopping bags in the trunks of cars. Some are tucked away behind storage boxes in the garage or lurking under the bed.

Mama Bears. Part 4

Like most parents, I have a few control issues. When it comes to money mistakes, sometimes the best thing parents can do is let our kids mess up – especially when they’re young and the consequences aren’t critical. “Your children are going to learn some hard lessons when it comes to money. They are going to make some bad decisions, maybe some really bad decisions. But that’s okay.”

Mama Bears. Part 3.

Kids are quick to ask questions, and they don’t shy away from the tough ones: Why is the sky blue? What happens after we die? How did a baby get into her tummy? Parenting books and stories from fellow parents help us anticipate those questions and think about how and when we want to answer them. But many of us are caught off guard when our kids ask about money.

Till Debt Do Us Part. Part 3.

Our grandparents’ generation used to joke about being attached to a “ball and chain” once they got married. For today’s couples, that heavy “ball and chain” is likely to come in the form of debt that one or both people brought into the marriage.

Meet the ITM. It’s Like an ATM with a Smart Mouth.

Think of ITMs as the next generation of ATMs, only better. As the name suggests, ITMs offer you the option of actually interacting with a live teller via a video screen. Bear State Bank has three currently in use and plans to roll out more in the future.

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