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The Bear Cares: Animal Rehab

Bear State Bank is roaring about those who do good by highlighting nonprofits and causes that are near and dear to The Bear. Today we applaud Andrea White, owner/operator of Tender Heart Wildlife Rehabilitation. Andre is a volunteer wildlife rehabilitator, a person of compassion and action who provides care and treatment for orphaned wildlife with the purpose of returning them to the wild.

The Bear Cares:
The Honeybee Conservancy

Bear State Bank is roaring about those who do good by highlighting nonprofits and causes that are near and dear to The Bear. Today’s buzz is about the honeybee, the heroes of our planet.

Beer by the Numbers

Last fall was a milestone in the brewing arts as the 5,000th brewery opened in the U.S. That’s an all-time high, surpassing the previous record set in 1873, long before consolidation and Prohibition transformed the industry. Today there are over 5,300 breweries, a stark contrast to the 1980s, when there were fewer than 100 brewing operations. Read all about it in Beer by the Numbers!

Till Debt Do Us Part. Part 6

Even after almost 20 years of marriage, I still feel weird about it sometimes – the difference between my income as a writer and my husband’s income as a salesperson for a technology company. They’re a bit different, and by “bit” I mean a lot. In this month’s Till Debt Do Us Part, read about the most common issues income inequality can create in a relationship.

Holidays Have You Feeling Blue?

Holidays have you feeling blue? We understand. The holidays aren’t always good times and cheer, at least not for all of us. Sometimes you just really want to get them over with and return to your everyday routine. If you need a useful distraction, we’ve got you covered! The Bear has some friendly advice for making it through, or possibly even enjoying, this holiday season.

Mama Bears. Part 6

To donate or not to donate? That is the question. There are times when I’d like the answer to be “no,” simply because I’m saving for an end-of-year donation to a specific charity my husband and I have already discussed. But when my kids are with me—watching me answer the question—the answer is always “Yes, I’ll donate.” Read all about why giving kids the habit of giving is so important in Mama Bears Part 6.

So You Want to Start an Urban Farm

Once a stress-release hobby for white-collar city dwellers, urban farming has blossomed into a big business accounting for one fifth of the world’s food supply. Urban farming and community gardens are not new concepts; the Victory Gardens of WWII supplied 40% of the vegetables grown in the U.S. 

Your Computer Has Been Locked!

Any victim of ransomware will recognize these five words. It’s often accompanied by a fake FBI or police logo and a threat of a prison term of “four to twelve years” if the victim doesn’t pay a sum to unlock the PC. The threat of imprisonment is obviously a fake, but the inability to access one’s computer files is real.

Sip it Forward. Kindness by the Cup

Bear State teamed with Westrock Coffee of Little Rock to provide complimentary coffee for returning students across Arkansas’s college campuses.

6 Things College Students Should Consider When Choosing a Bank

Most college students immediately decide to go with the first bank they see near their campus, or the bank that is most popular around campus (traditionally endorsed by campus).

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