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Beer by the Numbers

Last fall was a milestone in the brewing arts as the 5,000th brewery opened in the U.S. That’s an all-time high, surpassing the previous record set in 1873, long before consolidation and Prohibition transformed the industry. Today there are over 5,300 breweries, a stark contrast to the 1980s, when there were fewer than 100 brewing operations. Read all about it in Beer by the Numbers!

Holidays Have You Feeling Blue?

Holidays have you feeling blue? We understand. The holidays aren’t always good times and cheer, at least not for all of us. Sometimes you just really want to get them over with and return to your everyday routine. If you need a useful distraction, we’ve got you covered! The Bear has some friendly advice for making it through, or possibly even enjoying, this holiday season.

Neighbor’s Mill Bakery & Café Crafts a Recipe for Success

If you asked Karin and Mike Nabors, founders of Neighbor’s Mill Bakery & Cafe, what makes their bread so good, they’ll tell you it starts with the best ingredients as well as a commitment to the time and expertise required to produce something remarkable.

Food Trucks Cater to Hungry Bears on the Run

Food trucks don’t necessarily just come and go. Some stay around for quite awhile. Some of their owners seek to find a way to open brick-and-mortar restaurants while others have no such inclination. Many are seeking niche markets by offering what nobody else nearby is selling.

Craft Beer Tasting

Microbreweries Having a Macro Impact

These are heady times for lovers of crafts beers. America’s smallest brewers recently reported a 13% increase in volume in 2015, the eighth consecutive year for double-digit growth.

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